So far I’ve written about the Priestess and the Goddess.


But how exactly are they related?


The way I see the Priestess is as a sort of Bond Girl for the Goddess.

Her gorgeously badass side kick.


Now the Priestess is not the Goddess’ plaything, to be cast aside and replaced at every turn. She is powerful and certain within herself but she is also a vessel for the wisdom and teachings of the Goddess.

As such, the Priestess does not run amok. Without the Goddess, she serves no higher purpose. Without the Goddess, she serves only her ego – which isn’t service at all.


If we consult the wonderful web of inexhaustible information, we find that “there is no set rule on what kind of person a Bond girl will be… She may be an ally or an enemy of Bond, pivotal to the mission or simply eye candy.”


The Priestess of course will always be that pivotal-to-the-mission ally though there’s nothing to suggest she can’t be gorgeously eye-catching as well. After all, presencing and celebrating beauty in all things is part of the Priestess remit.


There are several characteristics that are undeniably part of the Bond Girl archetype:


  • Age
  • Beauty
  • Sex Appeal


Sure, the quintessential Bond Girl is young but then again, so has Ian Fleming’s legend been fighting the dark side for over six decades without ageing one wrinkle more than the women he romances.


Yes, Bond Girls are universally beautiful.


So too the Priestess scores on both grounds.

triple goddess

What is more, she proves that “youth” and “beauty” are not intrinsically linked concepts. The Goddess is beautiful in all her manifestations, be it the Maiden, the Mother or the Crone, and the same applies to those in her service. One could go as far as to argue that there is a deeper beauty in those who glow with the wisdom and experience of life, those who have come to embody the knowing that beauty shines from within, a light that does not fade as the innocent beauty of the maiden is eventually destined to.


Lastly, Bond Girls are undeniably sexy and certainly not afraid to get naked.

And neither is the Priestess.

More than being defined by mere physical features, a Priestess’ beauty comes from her certainty, her service and her knowing that being rooted deep within, guided from above and able to withstand life’s vagaries, is infinitely more sexy than looking hot in a skimpy bikini. The Priestess knows that nakedness not only encompasses shedding our clothing but also our learned inhibitions and limiting beliefs. That being spiritually naked leads to personal growth. As does being physically naked, in blissful union with the Divine Masculine or simply having fun exploring our own sexuality.

After all, the Priestess honours all parts of herself – the embodied as well as the disembodied; the physical, the material, the ethereal.


You could call the Priestess a Bond Girl with a higher consciousness rather than simply a sexy accessory (though naught wrong with that!).

If this definition of the Priestess serves to elevate the stereotypical, oft degraded, image of the Bond Girl to a higher plane, then all the better.


And if you don’t like the analogy, go make up your own.

Write your own definition.

Walk your own path.


The Priestess does – in whatever guise she chooses to show up.