sign-of-springSpring is springing in my world.

I have been doing so much release work – some voluntary, most involuntary. The recent Spring Equinox and Full Moon Lunar Eclipse certainly had their merry ways with me.

And I feel so much freer for it. Less constrained, more open.



So open, in fact, that despite the still chilly temperatures, I’ve been feeling the insane urge to be out in nature naked. To go skinny dipping under the stars. To feel the mossy ground of the woods under my skin. To dance in a meadow, bare soles pounding the grass.


I feel like breaking free from the mould, yet again shedding a skin I have outgrown.

I feel like stretching and spreading my wings, worshipping Her – Gaia, Mother, Goddess – within and without.


I long to bring  more sensuality into my life – visually, kinaesthetically, olfactorily.

I long to inhale the beauty of essential oils, to experience creating my own blends.

colour_my_heart_by_julyshewolfI long to to express beauty in both my body and my home.

I long to celebrate and cherish colour and to invite its vibrancy into my clothing and adornments.

I long to presence beauty.

I long to honour and embody Divine Feminine grace.

I long to enhance the rituals in my life with candles and scent.

I long to create my own incense to support me both in releasing that which no longer serves and in calling in my heart’s desires.

I long to – yet again – banish physical and psychical clutter.


I long to move my body in sacred dance.

I long to feel the vibrations of my drum.



And, above all, I long to get naked.

If I were in Glastonbury, I’d go for a dip in the White Spring.

If I were by the ocean, I’d dive into the waves’ gentle caress.

I long to invite the cleansing power of water into every fibre of my being.



There’s so much more to release, so much more freedom to feel.

For the first time, I’m getting a glimpse of feeling constrained by our homes, trapped, cut off from the wild vastness of Mother Nature herself.


naked_woman_in_waterTime to move, expand and follow wherever my senses may lead me…




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