priestess magicThe truth is, she called to me.

Why? I don’t know.

When I first felt her tender tug, I was just as baffled as the next person. Except of course there aren’t many ‘next’ people that you share her arrival with over a casual cup of coffee.

What you need to understand is that I am no one special. Of course I’m special in the sense that I am a unique individual traveling a unique path.

I am special because I endeavour to constantly grow myself, to raise my consciousness and to allow myself to experience the best life I can.

But this Priestess business is genuinely new to me.

I am not an Indigo child. I did not grow up talking to God. Angels and fairies were not my best friends except on the pages of storybooks. I did not have an innate direct dial to the Divine.

So without diminishing my own uniqueness, I guess what I am trying to say is that I have no particular predisposition that qualifies me for this path.

Yet at the same time, there’s a sense of homecoming to a very ancient part of me.

I have been here before. I have done this before.

This is my journey of remembering.